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Parental Control is Gaining Importance in the Digital Age

We cannot deny the fact that today, children get acquainted with technology, smartphones and tablets at a very young age, which makes monitoring children’s and teen’s digital activity an obligation. As families’ digital safety has become indispensable, parental control apps started gaining immense popularity among parents who seek to keep a regular check on their kids’ and teens’ lifestyle while letting them enjoy their privacy.

Address your clients’ digital needs with Safe Surf!
Offer parents a simple application to save their kids from unwanted and dangerous mishaps of technology and the internet world.


Safe Surf – Preserve your Subscribers Digital Safety!

With Safe Surf, your subscribers can track the digital device activity of their children in real time. Subscribers are able to access instant reporting of internet searches, application usage, downloads, and call and SMS logs.

Safe Surf tracks the child’s usage patterns, alerts parents of unwanted acts and allows them to control how their child is using his/her devices, via a variety of integrated tools and features:

  • Application & Game Control
  • Web Control
  • SMS & Log Tracking
  • Geolocation Tracker
  • Device Use Management
  • Parent’s Dashboard

Parents are also able to track their children’s device location, see screen time usage for the day, set a schedule for allowing call and SMS usage, and block unwanted numbers, content and apps.

With Safe Surf, Mobile Operators give parents insights and power to guide their family’s internet usage and digital habits, ensuring everyone is digitally safe.