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Who We Are

Founded in 1998 as a member of Monty Holding Group, Monty Mobile positions itself as a leading VAS & telecom solutions provider and an international SMS wholesale intermediary hub, working closely with worldwide mobile operators, aggregators and enterprises to facilitate the international flow of Voice and SMS across global markets. In its quest to constantly evolve and meet customers’ demands by exceeding all expectations, Monty Mobile also extended its portfolio to include a wide range of Fintech, Data Monetization, IoT and Mobile Advertising solutions.

With its innovative solutions, professional customer service and a long-lasting thirst for improvement, Monty Mobile has grown into a key regional player in the telecommunications business, gathering under its portfolio many of the biggest mobile operators and service providers around the world.

Board of Directors

Mountasser Hachem


Monty as referred to by everyone who knows him is a one of a kind CEO. Ambitious, driven and always ready to take risks, he has founded Monty... Holding and its subsidiaries and dove into the telecom world over 2 decades ago, building a successful career and transforming the company into an International Hub with several branches all over the world.

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Graduate in Marketing Strategy (LAU, ESA & INSEAD); 30 years of executive level management and leadership experience in mobile telecommunications operators ... in Middle East and Africa. Three times CEO of $2B+ public companies. Currently Board Member of companies in the Telecom Services, Real-estate development and Finance services sectors. Hassan’s added value is very relevant to the evolving digitization of business models. He has experienced the different phases of change in the telecoms industry. Hassan has extensive practical experience of the best practices of corporate culture and governance.

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Graduated from Harvard and Cincinnati; Globally recognized Business Strategic Consultant with 20 years of Pan-African and international experience working ... with multidisciplinary teams to drive engagement and deliver efficient programs and technically sound operational models that yield high impact B2B2C organizational successes. Known for forging strong, successful partnerships in consumer goods, branding and Media (broadcasting, television and film) industry.

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Mechanical Engineer from Centrale Lyon; Jean-Jacques Pany is the founder and President of TheComPany inter alia. With a wealth experience at a senior level... in thetelco sector, most recently as a senior exec at Orange, he offers senior management advisory services and supports enterprises going through debt refinancing and/or who require equity investment particularly in the technology sectors. . Jean-Jacques has a particular interest in the Telecommunications and Energy sectors - especially in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Several Graduate degrees from Northeastern, INSEAD and Oslo Business School; sits on more than 20 boards; Broad Industry Experience... – financial technology, financial services, financial inclusion, cards, payments, insurance. Former Nordea director, currently CEO at Fintech Mundi and scaling Fintech, our most promising outlook.

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Holder of an EMBA from LBS; he has 15 years of relevant technology experience from top vendors and mobile operators; his experience extends from operations... to board level in the territories that we are focused on. His contribution will cover the technology strategy, on-site relations and hands-on interventions as part of his current activities. Joshua is extremely active and present, his accumulated trophies bear witness.

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Being an innovative telecom solutions provider, we aim to position Monty Mobile as one of the Fintech leaders in the world. We deliver the promise of best possible digital innovative technologies. Our devoted agile multi-cultural teams are always ready to go the extra mile in providing the best and the most reliable solutions. Monty Mobile is recognized for its in-house development customized state-of-the-art products and services. We pledge to provide our customers, operators, business partners with quality services that will guarantee optimal experience and return on investment. Monty Mobile is an employer of choice, conducting its business activities based on the best practices according to international standard of corporate governance and business ethics.

We strive to provide the best innovative technology today for a better tomorrow. We are committed to sustainable business, excellence in quality and reliable services. We conduct our business with integrity to deliver optimal values to stakeholders.


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We are telecom thinkers

Management Team


Kaissar Jabr

Deputy CEO & Head Of Corporate Governance

Mr Jabr is the deputy CEO of Monty Mobile. He has been with the company for over 10 years. He holds a PhD in Telecom Project Management and a Master’s degree in Banking and finance. Mr Jabr has vast telecoms experience in Africa and the Middle East.


Hassan Mansour

General Manager

Hassan Mansour is the GM of Monty Mobile and  a software engineer by profession. He has been with Monty Mobile since 2006. Mr Mansour is highly analytical, has excellent management and people skills and has extensive knowledge in  the telecoms sector.


Serge Khalil

Territory Manager, UK & EU.

Serge Khalil is the head of Monty Mobile UK. He is a telecoms engineer  by profession, with c. 20 years of relevant experience in the field. Some of his responsibilities include.


Randa Naboulsi


Randa is the CFO of Monty Mobile. She has been with the company since 2018 & holds an MBA. Her responsibilities include all financial reporting for the business, tax, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and has overall responsibility of the finance team.


Global Presence

With local offices around the world and with international connections to more than 1000 Operators and Aggregators, Monty Mobile ensures a global presence facilitating all flows of communication.

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