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The Newest Call Trend


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The Newest Call Trend

Monty Mobile’s distinguished RBT suite, is a breakthrough in the business of music and entertainment industry and digital content allowing customers to express themselves creatively.

A one-stop shop for a wide range of content and personalization tool, the various RBT services allow users to customize their own ring-back tones by replacing monotonous ring tones with a personal tune, song, video, game, or text.


Keep your callers entertained

Subscribers will have access to a highly exquisite library of content to select from to choose their ring back tune. They can also manage their personal library and assign different Ring Back Tones to different callers or caller groups.

My RBT also integrates with operator’s existing systems including HLR, Switching Centers, IN/OCS, Billing systems and offers multiple provisioning channels like SMS, USSD, WAP, APP and online portal.


Every call has a story

Story RBT enables mobile subscribers to personalize the Calling experience by allowing their callers to watch a video while the phone is ringing, replacing thus the traditional Audio RBT.

A video ring-back media service follows traditional usage models, where subscribers can either purchase video ring-back content from their service’s library or create and upload their own. Mobile subscribers can assign various video content to be played to different callers or caller groups.

This value-added service increases ARPU and delivers a quality network-based service that helps minimize subscriber churn.

The service offers mobile subscribers rich multimedia features while providing easy to use management interfaces: IVR, SMS, USSD, Mobile Ring Back Application and Web Portal, allowing subscribers to express themselves very individually.


Play while waiting

Monty Mobile aims at offering new enhanced fun games that meet with today’s digital service offerings and answer the requirements of active subscribers.

For this reason, we added an attractive feature for subscribers to customize their own ring back tones and replace it with an instant winning game to allow their callers to make use of their waiting time in a fun way. Subscribers will be able to collect points which can be redeemed later.

Game RBT merges VAS and Gaming into an entertaining concept, thus evolving the traditional VAS into a more interactive model offering Mobile operators a unique way to stand out and increase customer loyalty.

TEXT RBT (Call Signature)

Increase revenue while increasing the fun

Monty Mobile’s Text RBT allows mobile users to create personalized content and share it on their friends’ phone screen, in the form of a pre-call pop-up notification, while calling them or receiving a call from them. The service permits the recipient to identify the caller and the purpose of the call.

It also permits setting personalized greetings, sending broadcast messages, and sharing notes and videos. This service offers the opportunity to generate additional revenue for Mobile Operators even before the call connects.


  • RBT Library Management
  • Content Monitoring
  • Service Management
  • Track Customer Behaviour
  • Managing RBT Promotions
  • Generating Reporting Tool
  • Multiple Content Providers
  • Content Shifting