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My RBT (Ring Back Tone) platform allows subscribers to substitute the traditional ringtone with a more entertaining and customized tune of their choice.

My RBT platform is a multi-CP (content provider) platform with various web-based interfaces for content uploads and downloads, content previewing and publishing, administration and reporting. Our platform also supports multiple user interfaces where users can subscribe, renew subscription, gift RBT's, preview and select their tunes via IVR, SMS, USSD, Web or Mobile App.

Story RBT

Stories are a great way for users to interact with their audience on social media, and are considered one of the most used and central features of social media today! Monty Mobile’s Story RBT is an innovative enhancement of the traditional RBT service, as it enables mobile subscribers to personalize the calling experience by allowing their callers to watch a video story while their phone is ringing. With Story RBT’s personal library, end users will be able to select from a wide selection of video clips or pictures, or create their own customized videos and stories to use as a Video Ring Back Tone.

The service offers mobile subscribers rich Multimedia features while providing easy to use management interfaces: IVR, SMS, USSD, Web and Mobile App.

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Key Features

  • Registration & Termination – through IVR, Web, SMS and USSD
  • Preview & Selection – pre-listen to a preview of the RBT and then make a selection
  • RBT Plans:
    • Default RBT – one RBT set for all callers
    • Caller-based RBT – different RBTs set for different callers
    • Time-based RBT – different RBTs set for different timeslots during a day
    • Shuffle RBT – choose a set of 5 RBTs to be played at random
    • Album RBT – choose an album of an artist or music band, and a random RBT will be played from that album
  • User Generated Content – voice recording
  • Copy RBT– a subscriber X calling subscriber Y can set his RBT to be the same as subscriber Y’s: On Call, SMS, USSD and IVR
  • Gift a tone – pay for a song/clip and GIFT it to another person
  • Do Not Disturb Tone – customize a DND tone/message
  • RBT Search – search for a particular RBT tone on: IVR, SMS, WEB & Mobile App
  • RBT Concatenation – select 3 tones where they will play in a break up of 10 seconds each
  • Automatic Top 10 – set the Top 10 tones as RBT tones
  • Analytics & Reporting – detailed analytics & reporting tools