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The Cutting-Edge Solution Stopping SMS Threats In Their Tracks

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SMS has been around for well over 25 years. It is ubiquitous and a key pillar of Mobile Engagement globally. When it was conceived, it was never designed as having two-way application. This most certainly changed though. People like conversing and thanks to the wonders of two-way Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS, they are now able to do this with brands they trust.

Organisations globally are starting to understand the real the power A2P SMS has: it enhances engagement on every level with customers, potential customers and indeed their own team members, increases conversion rates and adds relationship stickiness. As a result, there is an ongoing rapid explosion in the amount of content needing to be delivered via SMS to mobile subscribers globally. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are the gateway to subscribers and it is only fair that MNOs receive fair recompense for access. Unfortunately many other players in the industry do not see it quite like this…

Billions of A2P SMS globally are routed to mobile subscribers in often quite ingenious ways. Whether sent from SIM boxes or the path manipulated by SMS spoofing, they can fly under the radar and bypass current operator charging mechanisms. Some of this content is unsolicited, spam. There are fraud attempts lurking. We stop all of this and turn the tables in the MNO’s favour.

Thanks to our expertise and technology, Monty Mobile fully monetise your A2P traffic whilst ensuring it flows to your subscribers unhindered. Mobile subscribers receive the content they value without any hidden, nasty surprises. We have you covered from every angle.

Stop Leakages

Now you can maximize your revenues by getting paid for every single A2P SMS terminated to your network.
Our SMS Gateway management allows you to:

Stop Leakages

Ensure SMS flows to your network with full visibility

Detect and Block

Detect and block verification codes that mimic P2P SMS

Act like an SMS Clearing Hub

Act as an SMS Clearing Hub, settling all SMS payments

Guarantee Payment

Get paid for every SMS reaching your network

Just Some Numbers

Telecoms might be packed with organisations that know the numbers of everything but the value of very little, but Monty Mobile is different: whilst our focus is on maximizing value, we know big numbers don’t do any harm!

25+ Billion
SMS Processed Annually
Direct Mobile Operator Connections
4 Billion
Mobile Subscribers Accessible Worldwide
Countries Covered

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Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS is the key pillar of mobile engagement globally for one simple reason: it just works. Transaction volumes are increasing rapidly globally. No single mobile channel in isolation drives engagement the way A2P SMS does: 98% of successfully delivered messages are read, the majority within 10 minutes of subscribers having received them. These statistics alone are simply staggering and transcend demographics.

The number of Marketing and Transactional use cases for it are limited by human ingenuity alone. Organisations need something which allows them to speak to all their existing customers, potential customers and indeed own team members. SMS does just that.

Our depth and breadth of experience in the A2P SMS domain has allowed us to get a real handle on the SMS market globally. We offer the most comprehensive mobile operator coverage, know all industry players and can leverage a huge library of A2P use cases. Whether you need to secure your own A2P SMS traffic flow, monetise it, increase engagement and conversion rates with your own direct clients or help your Enterprise clients better engage with their stakeholders downstream, we can help with the lot. Monty Mobile is your A2P SMS partner of choice.

We offer two ways of connecting to our SMS gateway – SMPP or HTTP


Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is an open, industry standard protocol that provides an efficient high performance way of sending high volumes of A2P SMS traffic at lightning speed within a very short period of time


Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) is ideal for integrating A2P messaging services into your websites, software and applications. Quick and easy to implement, it is great for sending information on demand, for activation code delivery or Mobile Originated (MO) queries.