A Service Delivery Platform with a wide range of connections to network resources, customized for Mobile Operators to manage Monty Mobile’s VAS solutions while re-using the existing infrastructure.

A new ARPU booster solution that combines the best practices of gamification principles to entertain and reward subscribers within a promotional context

Helps subscribers to preserve their kids’ digital safety by tracking their online activity, checking who they are communicating with, blocking dangerous websites, setting time limits and preventing them from accessing undesirable content

A personal Digital Health and Wellness application that offers mobile subscribers a credible health information source and provides practical tips and answers to their medical queries

A mobile application that allows mobile operators to offer their subscribers all types of insurance needs (Life, Home, Medical, Pets, Travel, Devices, Retirement, Education etc.), while giving them the best deals

An application that allows Mobile Operators to establish a strong and trustworthy connection with their subscribers and grants subscribers the ability to navigate and manage different service offerings, such as checking balance and rate plans, making payments, managing a shared family plan, subscribing to new services, requesting support for technical problems…

Allows low-balance subscribers to request a Data loan from the operator through different channels (SMS, USSD, APP or IVR) for a predetermined fee

Allows subscribers to share Data plans with family members or friends. Primary accounts can control the amount of Data consumed by selected secondary accounts

Allows subscribers to transfer data credits to each other from their current data plans via different channels (SMS, USSD or Mobile App) for a predetermined fee

Allows a subscriber to purchase a data bundle and send it to another subscriber as a “gift”. The gifted bundle’s cost is deducted from the senders’ balance

Allows on-net subscribers to publish their request for extra data through the service application. Mobile users with data in their balance can accept the request for an additional credit reward.

Automatically credits zero balance subscribers with an amount of credit set by the operator

Allows low balance users to request a credit loan from the operator

Allows on-net subscribers to publish their request for extra credits through the service application. Mobile users with credits in their account can accept the request for an additional credit reward.

Allows out of credit users to notify (Missed call notification) and request another prepaid or post-paid customer to call them.

A passive solution that triggers a missed call notification to the called party when he is unreachable. Optionally, the solution can also notify the caller once the called party is back to network.

Alows subscribers to automatically request from another subscriber, prepaid or post-paid, to pay for the call using a reverse-charging mechanism.

Allows the calling and called parties to split the call charges dynamically based on the residual or remaining balance of each.

Applies call forwarding rules that are set up in a way to allow a single call to be forwarded to one or more destinations infinitely.

A service that allows users to forward their incoming calls to an alternate number. It also allows mobile subscribers to restrict certain types of outgoing calls (such as international calls) and incoming calls (such as from undesirable callers). It allows subscribers to have a VIP access code that enables them to protect their phone number and privacy, where they cannot be reached unless the caller dials in the access code.

A phone number that exists on cloud and is not linked to a certain phone device or phone line, thus removing the physical limitations that previously tied down phone numbers and enabling subscribers to keep their real numbers hidden when calling anyone.

An all-in-one online loyalty tool for analyzing, targeting, engaging and monetizing subscribers’ data across multiple channels

A premium form of toll-free numbers where businesses replace numbers with letters related to their business name, brand or product in order to make it easier for clients to remember the number

An online recharge solution that allows mobile subscribers to top up their line or others’ lines instantly and get rewards for every purchase made

An advanced Caller ID and Directory service that allows users to identify unknown callers, search for a name or number based on skills and offered services, and check their reviews and ratings. Prices can be based on an online bidding concept.

An online appointment platform that helps clinics and small businesses to manage their schedules and appointments, organize time for the staff, store medical records securely, follow up on regular patients, and reduce waiting time

Allows subscribers to customize their ringback tones with music, voice recordings, advertising and other types of audio content (includes features such as reverse RBT, personalized RBT...)

An innovative service that allows subscribers to use their own videos or social media stories to replace the standard ringback tones when a call is set up

A text RBT service that allows mobile users to create personalized and fun content and share it on their friends’ phone screens, in the form of a pre-call pop-up notification, while calling them or receiving a call from them. Corporates and SMEs can also use the platform to display an interactive message to market their products

Creates and generates targeted campaigns with multiple scenarios based on the end-user’s behavior to enrich his/her experience and increase revenues

Audio advertising solution to a segmented audience

A mobile advertising media that allows brands to sponsor phone calls and help them engage more effectively with mobile subscribers

A multi-channel platform designed for enterprises to manage their marketing campaigns through various channels using one platform

A two-way messaging solution through which customers can respond to any service company via text messages without paying any extra charges. It offers businesses a powerful channel of communication with end users

A service that offers advertisers an effective engagement channel to reach their targeted audience through bulk SIM push messages, regardless of the recipient’s device.

Routes all wrong dialled numbers - whether calls, IVRs, or wrong USSD dialed strings- to an interactive advertising platform, thus playing a targeted ad instead of a default message that the number does not exist.

A virtual payment card that offers subscribers the opportunity to pay through mobile and according to the banking requirements. It is a replacement for plastic card, and thus eliminates the risk of theft, phishing, skimming, etc. It can be used in various currencies on thousands of websites and apps.

Smart segmentation and customer profiling platform that allows mobile operators to fully exploit and manage their data value.

A platform that gives enterprises the opportunity to allow their clients to engage with the brand through Omni communication channels

Allow your subscribers to access hundreds of apps and games in a single place!