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VIP Call Assist

One of the main subscribers’ demands in our dynamic world is to make their communication easier and help them get their calls forwarded, especially when they are unable to pick up their phones, or want to minimize interruption and optimise productivity.

Monty Mobile’s VIP Call Assist presents a convenient call management solution that allows subscribers to have a preprogramed assistant that forwards, blocks or only takes the calls they wouldn’t want to miss. It allows them to remain connected in a smart way, so that they protect their privacy and yet, never miss a call.

VIP Call Assist includes

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows subscribers to have some or all of their incoming calls routed to another number. Subscribers can select how they want to forward their calls:

  • Unconditional Call Forwarding: forward all incoming calls to another number automatically, regardless of the network status.
  • Conditional Call Forwarding: forward incoming calls when line is busy, subscriber does not answer or phone is out of signal range or turned off.

Call blocking

Call blocking easily blocks calls and messages from unwanted, hidden or unknown numbers. The user has the option of blocking incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both simultaneously.

VIP Access Code

VIP Access Code allows a subscriber to avoid spam, protect his phone number and maintain his privacy. Enabling this service, a subscriber can only be reached when the caller dials in an access code. A subscriber can change his access code anytime.

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  • Additional untapped revenues
  • High ROI
  • No financial commitment
  • Reduced network churn
  • Enhanced subscribers’ loyalty
  • Improved subscribers’ experience
  • Increased customers’ privacy