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SMS Gateway Solution

SMS Gateway Solution

A holistic SMS solution for all your needs

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One SMS platform for all

Monty Mobile’s SMS Gateway Solution is a modular system composed of various tools that cover the complete work cycle of the SMS exchange business.

Through our SMS platform, entrepreneurs and businesses will be able to allow the automation of decision-making while guaranteeing loss free operations and best profits. They can also see the updated status of any deal through a monitoring module that reads from a data warehouse.

Revenue in every single SMS

You can benefit from:

  • Business management automation
  • On time payments with no effort
  • Remote access anywhere, anytime
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • On time alerts, notifications, and detailed reports
  • Accurate SMS billing system, accounting, pricing, and SMS routing
  • Live monitoring of SMS traffic

Overcome network, operational, and business challenges

Taking pride in our aged experience in the SMS business, our SMS platform is equipped with up-to-date features to overcome any challenges.

These features include:

  • Support of both SMPP/HTTP protocols
  • High throughput: up to 1500 messages/sec
  • MO/MT two-way SMS module
  • Permission-based Role management
  • Do Not Disturb service
  • SMS Firewall blocking for spam

Catering for all your needs

  • Support of DLR Messages
  • SMS Firewall Blocking
  • Queue Management
  • Live Monitoring
  • Unicode, Concatenated, Multilingual Messages