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SmartWall – An Advanced SMS Firewall

Trying to find and hire expert personnel and implement equipment to fight fraud, analyze and monetize your SMS traffic, build custom reports and so much more, uses up your most valuable commodity: time which can lose you money. Big money!

We know exactly what to look for and how to present information clearly and concisely.

Take an SMS Firewall; add 20+ years of experience in the industry, an invaluable knowledge base of global SMS threats, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms for smarter leakage detection and automatic blocking in real-time. This is the basis of our SmartWall!

After all, mobile operators need to see exactly what is going on with their A2P SMS traffic at any point in time, and our monitoring and reporting tools are second to none.

Holistic Control Over All Types Of SMS Signaling

  • Outbound Messages (FSM-MO MSU)
  • HLR Messages (SRI-SM MSU)
  • Inbound Messages (FSM-MT MSU)

Matching Criteria

  • Multiple criteria matching network rules
  • Default predefined rules
  • Customized rules

SMS Firewall Modules

  • Online real-time filtering module
  • AI and ML algorithms
  • Analysis and alerting module
  • Traffic monitoring with customizable alerting
  • Advanced reporting module
  • Dashboard with high-end graphics

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