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Block All Spam Texts & SMS Threats

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SmartWall - An Advanced SMS Firewall Every Mobile Operator Needs

Block All Spam Texts & SMS Threats

  • Fight SMS Fraud
  • Detect & Block unauthorized SMS traffic from grey routes & SIM Farms
  • Eliminate the risk of illegitimate traffic and stop revenue leakage
  • Protect and monetize your SMS traffic
  • Improve subscribers’ satisfaction and protect them from messaging abuse

SmartWall, A Protection Like No Other

Harness our expertise
We rely on our 20+ years’ experience in the industry to deliver an advanced SMS Firewall enriched with the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies.

Leverage the power of ultimate protection
SmartWall protects you from fraud by using top-of-the-line technologies to filter spam messages (SMS filter) and block unwanted texts in real time. Hence, expect to maximize your revenue opportunities and give your customers a better experience.

Benefit from our in-house development and support team
Not only can you take advantage of our in-house development and high degree of customization to better meet your business needs, but you can also profit from our notable managed services.

Holistic Control Over All Types Of SMS Signaling

  • Outbound Messages (FSM-MO MSU)
  • HLR Messages (SRI-SM MSU)
  • Inbound Messages (FSM-MT MSU)
  • SS7 & SMPP SMS Filtering

Matching Criteria

  • Multiple criteria matching network rules
  • Default predefined rules
  • Customize filtering rules based on business needs

SMS Firewall Modules

  • Online real-time filtering module
  • AI and ML algorithms
  • Analysis and alerting module
  • Traffic & performance monitoring with customizable alerting
  • Advanced reporting & dashboards

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