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Wrong Dialing Gone Right

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Smart Dialing

Every phone call to a business or brand is a chance to improve the relationship with customers. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services and USSD services have proved to provide fast and efficient responses to customers. However, calls can sometimes go wrong!

Mobile Operators have a large range of unused IVR and USSD short codes, and millions of people might dial these numbers, as well dial wrong MSISDNs – all referred to as “wrong short codes” or “wrong calls”.

Monty Mobile’s Smart Dialing turns things around, converting wrong calls into opportunities for mobile operators.

Smart Dialing aims at routing all wrong calls or wrong USSD dialed strings to an interactive advertising platform. Callers will thus listen to targeted advertising messages, instead of getting the default message that the number does not exist. With Smart Dialing, mobile operators will be able to:

  • Promote their services
  • Offer a new advertising channel to advertisers
  • Offer the subscriber a bundle that suits his balance, upon requesting a USSD balance request.

Subscriber dials a wrong number or short code

Call is routed to SMART DIALING advertising platform

SMART DIALING plays an audio ad or displays a USSD popup ad

Subscriber is prompted to take action (click to subscribe, go to website, etc.)

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  • Compatibility with all mobile devices - basic and smartphones
  • Targeted Campaigns Based on various segmentation parameters
  • Click to Action Channels: send SMS, setup a voice call, launch WEB browser, install APP…
  • Targeted messages delivering the brand's desired objective



  • New Revenue Stream
  • Zero cost (uses existing technology)
  • Promote operators‘ services
  • Strengthen loyalty and decrease churn
  • Increase ARPU


  • Increase sales
  • Promote products and services
  • Increase customers’ engagement
  • Strengthen loyalty to the brand
  • Enable collection of customers’ data