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Skills & Services

With the continuous development of technology and the world moving digital, on-demand mobile workforce services have started to gain a large popularity over the globe. Today, people look for practical ways to reach handymen or specialists in their area to get their tasks done quickly.

Monty Mobile offers S&S (Skills & Services) – a convenient digital service that allows mobile subscribers to identify and look up for unknown numbers and find people, skills and specialists in just one click.

S&S is a social freelance app that allows users to:

  • Identify and block spam calls or SMS
  • Look for help in various tasks and get the work done
  • Post their skills or services to let others reach out to them
  • Explore what is trending in their town
  • Meet nearby people who share the same hobby

So whether a user is looking to find a tennis partner, a last minute plumber, a DJ or a yoga instructor, S&S provides it all.


S&S subscribers can easily access a multitude of features.

  • Caller identification and call-blocking
  • Chat services
  • Publishing skills and services
  • Tasker/Specialist rating & reviews
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Profile Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Featured skills & services
  • Matching results



  • Strengthen subscriber’s satisfaction and loyalty
  • Gain a new Revenue Stream
  • Help collect info and build customers’ database
  • Connect people
  • Offer subscribers new opportunities


  • Find taskers/customers faster
  • Identify unknown callers
  • Access a large database of services
  • Get transparent pricing
  • Facilitate bookings for contractors
  • Have in-demand availability