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The main problem that operators are facing is the increased number of unanswered calls due to unknown numbers received. 76% of subscribers do not answer unsaved/unknown numbers (BER, 2019). However, this number will decrease if the receiver is able to know the identity of the caller.

Monty Mobile’s Show ID provides mobile subscribers the power to know who is calling them and gives them the opportunity to decide how to manage calls and refrain from answering or receiving unwanted calls. Mobile subscribers are now able to protect their calls, see which company or organization is trying to reach them, and block calls directly.

Main Features

Your calls are your choice

  • Phone Directory
    Users are able to identify unknown calls by searching several categories such as profession, name, location, and number.
  • Rate and Review
    Add a rating or write a review about callers’ profile.
  • Blacklist and Spam Calls Blocking
    Users will be able to avoid spam calls and blacklist/ block unwanted calls from certain locations at any time.
  • Profile Management
    Add a display picture, name, phone number, email, occupation, and skills.

Operator’s Advantages

  • Gain a new revenue stream
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase the number of received calls leading to higher ARPU
  • Increase call backs
  • Achieve a competitive advantage to operators
  • Decrease churn rate