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Operator revenues decreasing? ARPU declining? Subscriber churn increasing? Product acquisition falling short of targets? Recharge frequency longer than you want it to be? Does any of this ring true for you? If so, Monty Mobile have the solution for you…

Revenue+ is the solution

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Revenue+ is your complete customer value management service, building on subscribers’ behaviour to enrich their experience and all whilst driving operator loyalty and revenues. And these are just a few of the benefits. Revenue+ provides you with a multi-dimensional view of customers’ behaviour thanks to Data Analytics, allowing you to run customizable, targeted campaigns all the way down to the single user if needed, boosting the sales of products and services, and driving up ARPU levels.

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Campaigns can be entirely personalized in real-time. Based on their usage patterns and preferences, let your customers choose the Freebies that excite and motivate them. Revenue+ monitors when, what and how much every prepaid subscriber is spending. Sending your subscribers customized Freebies based on their Revenue+ behaviour patterns will see you achieve your ultimate goals.

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Revenue+ constantly monitors campaign performance in real-time and allows for future campaigns to be micro-adjusted, ensuring your ultimate goal is achieved