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Monty Mobile has come a long way in the 20+ years since we were founded. We may have a broad and varied solution portfolio but we never forget our roots.

Our business was founded on P2P (Peer-to-Peer or Person-to-Person) SMS. We were one of the first SMS Peering and Hubbing companies in the world, GSMA certified. The vast experience and deep knowledge we have built up in P2P over the years means we have attained a trusted position in the market.

Monty Mobile’s Carrier Relations team has built up a huge footprint of direct and indirect P2P connectivity to mobile network operators (MNOs) globally. This allows your subscribers to both send and receive SMS texts to/from almost every country without any of the associated headaches of trying to set all this up yourself. We can manage a myriad of individual contracts and physical connections, provide crystal clear reporting and manage any support issues with connectivity partners on your behalf. All the heavy lifting is done for you, freeing you up to enjoy the world of SMS opportunities our Hubbing/Peering connections open up to you. Treat us as your one stop shop for P2P SMS access wherever you may need it.

What We Can Do For You
P2P SMS Hubbing and P2P SMS Peering

SMS Hubbing (Hub to Operator)

We know your personnel have so many new areas to focus on that anything that can be done to facilitate management of P2P SMS coverage is a real help. Connect to our Hubbing service using either SMPP or SS7, and we will rapidly increase your two-way connectivity to many other operators globally. No contract, technical or reporting headaches. We take care of and manage everything for you.

SMS Peering (Hub to Hub)

We have a large number of direct P2P SMS connections with mobile operators globally, and we do understand that no one company can offer access to every single one themselves. We have therefore built up strong relationships with other international Hub partners. An SMPP or SS7 connection to our Peering service allows you to access wider two-way global coverage for your SMS traffic exchange, easing up the flow.