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M-Recharge is an online recharge solution that allows mobile subscribers to top up their line or others’ lines instantly and get rewards for every purchase made.

2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS is a two-way messaging solution through which customers can respond to any service company via text messages without paying any extra charges. It offers businesses a powerful channel of communication with end users.

Smart Dialing

Smart Dialing routes all wrong dialed numbers - whether calls, IVRs, or wrong USSD dialed strings- to an interactive advertising platform, thus playing a targeted ad instead of the default message that the number does not exist.

Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are a premium form of toll-free numbers where businesses replace numbers with letters related to their business name, brand or product in order to make it easier for clients to remember the number.


M-Engage is an all-in-one online loyalty tool for analyzing, targeting, engaging and monetizing subscribers' data across multiple channels.

Call Looping

Call Looping applies call forwarding rules that are set up in a way to allow a single call to be forwarded to one or more destinations infinitely.


SIM Ad is a service that offers advertisers an effective engagement channel to reach their targeted audience through bulk SIM push messages, regardless of the recipient’s device.

Sponsored Call

Sponsored Call allows mobile operators to introduce a small advertisement for subscribers in exchange of free or reduced airtime rates. It is an opt-in service that targets low balanced subscribers and enables them to make a free call, sponsored by a corporate, after fully listening to a targeted ad.


M-Health is a personal Digital Health and Wellness application that offers mobile subscribers a credible health information source and provides practical answers to their medical queries. Users can see a doctor, virtually or in person, access a symptoms checker and a medical library, schedule appointments, get medication reminders, acquire medical records, and access health plans and fitness routines.

Virtual Number

A Virtual Number is a phone number that exists on cloud and is not linked to a certain phone device or phone line. It thus removes the physical limitations that previously tied down phone numbers and enables subscribers to keep their real numbers hidden when calling anyone.


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