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Consolidate Your VAS into One Platform

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Monty VAS Platform

MVP (Monty VAS Platform) is a unified web portal, customized for Mobile Operators to manage Monty Mobile's VAS solutions. The platform offers a rich dashboard with full key performance indicators and direct access to subsidiaries and services.

MVP consolidates multiple Mobile VAS into one fully optimized configuration with a single point of integration into the Mobile Operator’s network. It integrates network functions related to operations and maintenance, customer care, billing, reporting and management, thus enabling an operator to monitor and manage an unlimited number of VAS solutions, all in one place.

Connected to our M-Analytics platform, it ensures robust data analysis and appropriate data reporting. Via MVP, an operator can launch any Monty VAS service at no time and at ZERO cost.

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  • Simplifies integration
  • Ensures short TTM (time to market)
  • Reduces time spent on each VAS installation
  • Decreases footprint by sharing resources
  • Lowers CAPEX & OPEX
  • Increases efficiency and revenues