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Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card

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Join the digital transformation of financial services!

Fintech (Financial Technology) is changing every financial aspect of our life from how we make purchases to how we get loans. Monty Mobile’s Virtual Credit Card works hand in hand with mobile operators by introducing them into the Fintech world.

MVCC, Secure and Fast Banking for All

MVCC offers banking services to unbanked and underbanked subscribers allowing them to complete their purchases with no disruption to existing merchant infrastructure while incentivizing all stakeholders.

Virtual Payment

With Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card, subscribes can make mobile payments on demand according to banking requirements

Secure Purchases

Mobile subscribers can enjoy safe transactions, where we keep all your important data intact and secure

Immediate Deployment

Monty mobile virtual credit card can be integrated into and supports any existing or future mobile financial services provided by mobile operators.

No Risk

Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card eliminates the risk of theft or phishing by replacing plastic cards with virtual Visa cards

Accepted Payment

The Monty Mobile virtual credit card can be used on thousands of websites and applications in various currencies, similarly to any ordinary prepaid Visa card.

Loyalty Program

Monty Mobile’s loyalty program, or any existing loyalty program, can be integrated with the Monty Mobile virtual credit card, adding motivation for users!


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