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Simple yet Ingenious Mobile Advertising

Using the power of advertising, M-Rewards offers the market a triple win opportunity by benefiting Operators, Advertising Agencies, and subscribers at the same time.

Ringing Tones – An Untapped Source of Profit

Callers spend an average of 10 seconds listening to the ringing tone while waiting for the dialed party to answer. M-Rewards uses this dead time to be an audio ad as short as 7-10 seconds. Subscribers opting-in to this service collect reward points each time an ad is heard. Subscribers can redeem these points for things such as free calls, free SMS, and free data.

M-Rewards is not only a premium platform allowing advertisers to achieve the widest reach; it merges a loyalty program that allows mobile operators to reward their loyal subscribers while gaining huge revenues!


Mobile Operators

  • Generate additional revenue from the mobile advertising industry
  • Boost Subscriber Loyalty


  • Rewards: gain free services such as Free SMS, Free Call and Free Data
  • Customizable solution: set the ads of their choice (optional)


  • Cost-effective medium that adds up to better financial returns
  • Focused advertising where advertisers have 100% of their customer’s attention