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Besides shopping and social media apps, most mobile app successes are mobile games! Mobile gaming is now the driving force behind revenue generation for the entire gaming industry. However, mobile gaming is getting smarter! The key is to deliver exciting and addictive content to keep users engaged and coming back to the app with a fresh experience. Mobile operators can now be part of this success with M-Challenge!

M-Challenge is a gaming solution that offers mobile subscribers challenging online games, quizzes, contests and competitions. It allows mobile operators not only to diversify their Mobile VAS suite and generate additional revenues, but also to maximize their network usage of both SMS and Data.

Subscribers opt in to M-Challenge through a mobile app or an SMS gaming platform, answer daily multiple-choice questions, and collect points for each right answer for the chance to win valuable prizes. Categories can include educational, general knowledge, religious, analytical and mathematics, geography, history and much more.

M-Challenge offers your subscribers an entertaining, interactive and fun experience like no other!

  • Digital Personalization, based on AI behavior recommendations, is used to drive engagement.
  • Gaming frequency can be set to daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Real-time and personalized push notifications are used to send hints or re-engage subscribers.
  • A Loyalty Program incentivizes subscribers to play more in order to earn more.
  • New content is provide on weekly basis to keep subscribers interested and concerned.