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Instant Connectivity

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Instant Connectivity – eSIM for Consumer Devices

Recent studies and researches predict that the number of eSIM-equipped devices will reach hundreds of millions in a matter of 3-5 years, and this means that, by then, devices with SIM Cards will no more be common in the market. Inevitably, MNOs will have to engage with and support eSIM. As connectivity is key, the MNOs’ role in the eSIM ecosystem continues to be significant, the reason why Monty Mobile offers its Instant Connectivity platform as a unique opportunity for MNOs to catch on and take advantage of the eSIM technology.

Monty Mobile’s Instant Connectivity is a Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) solution that allows the secure download and subscription management in all consumer devices equipped with GSMA compliant eUICC, including iPhone XS/XR, google pixel, and others… It is a completely in-house developed platform that provides over-the-air update capabilities to any standard eSIM, which enables device makers, network operators and service providers to remotely manage subscriptions on these devices.

Our SM-DP+ (i.e. eSIM subscription management server) enables mobile operators to have a range of new, enhanced mobile-connected devices and to provide their subscribers with a more convenient and fully automated device setup.

Our SM-DP+ is developed as per GSMA SGP.22 Technical specifications and to be installed in a secure SAS-SM data center in London.

Multiple activation scenarios are supported including:

eSIM Activation

Monty Mobile also offers all mobile operators a FREE 6-month trial of our Instant Connectivity platform. No set up or any monthly or hidden fees for their subscriber base.