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Direct Carrier Billing

Your fastest and most secure mobile payment method today!

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Today, given the outbreak of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdowns, the world has witnessed an unprecedented growth in e-commerce and accelerated digital transformations.

Digital consumption patterns and mobile payments have had a significant increase as consumers are turning to purchase more goods, content, and services online than ever forecasted before, and these online purchases are increasingly being performed on a mobile device. Providing an immediate, convenient, cashless and secure mobile payment method is therefore crucial for today’s digital and mobile-savvy consumers.

While payment systems via credit cards and e-wallets are considered key payment methods, there are over 2 billion unbanked adults worldwide. On the other hand, almost 7 out of every 10 people globally are mobile subscribers. There is, therefore, a potential market exceeding 5 billion customers globally to target for buying digital content and goods online. This promising M-Commerce payment market provides a great opportunity to both, Mobile Operators and Merchants alike for payments by phone.

Direct Carrier Billing

DCB (Direct Carrier Billing), also known as DOB (Direct Operator Billing), is a safe and reliable mobile payment model that allows customers to pay for online content, goods and services directly via their mobile phone bill. Payments are completed through a direct connection with the Mobile Operator to which end users are already subscribed to, and who they already trust.

Monty Mobile’s DCB offers an easier way for existing customers to buy and subscribe to services by giving them a viable payment option. Our proposed platform is designed to overcome any technical complexity of integration for both mobile operators and merchants. It provides future-proof functionalities that allow customers to enjoy a seamless purchase experience.

Main features include

- Integration with any Application or Online Solution
- Pricing Flexibility
- Flexible Billing Options
- Multiple Charging Methods
- Subscription engine - Subscriptions management
- Variable Trial Periods
- Reporting tool
- Multiple Subscription and Un-Subscription channels
- Uses AI Artificial Intelligence, BI Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

Mobile Operators – Be the leader of M-commerce today
Expand your revenue with the ultimate next generation payment by phone solution as we connect Merchants of digital products and services to your billing system and manage all the technical, commercial and relational aspects.

Merchants – Expand your Reach
Boost your sales by offering the payment of your products and services via Monty Mobile’s Direct Carrier Billing as we connect you to hundreds of Mobile Operators worldwide


Mobile Subscriber

  • Convenient (Requires SIM card and cellphone only)
  • Short checkout Flow
  • Secured (no need to add personal data)
  • Applicable to postpaid and prepaid users
  • Enables un - and underbanked consumer purchase
  • Facilitated mobile payment experience

Operator Benefits

  • New revenue stream
  • Enhanced subscriber loyalty
  • Increased ARPU
  • Guaranteed Collection
  • Facilitated KYC process
  • Limits fraud

Merchant Benefits

  • Better and higher conversion rates
  • Single API to connect to hundreds of carriers
  • Low risk
  • Expanded reach
  • Increased revenues
  • Eliminates the need for local presence
  • Allows merchants to enter multiple markets
  • Facilitated payments