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Direct Operator Billing

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DOB (Direct Operator Billing)

Almost 50% of all people worldwide do not have a bank account. On the other hand, almost 7 out of 10 are subscribed to mobile services. Thus, there is a potential market of more than 5 billion customers for buying digital content and goods online.

DOB, also known as DCB (Direct Carrier Billing), is a safe and reliable mobile payment model that allows customers to pay for online content, goods and services directly via their mobile phone bill. Payments are completed through a direct connection to the mobile operator to which end users are already subscribed and who they already trust.

Our DOB platform connects merchants with mobile operators, turning existing users into paying customers by seamlessly monetizing digital content and virtual goods. Operator-based subscription model significantly improves the customer experience and revolutionizes the online or mobile business. Monty Mobile platform offers the option of Subscription Payment that allows the operator to automatically charge users over mobile on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The invoices will be shown on their mobile phone bill (postpaid) or deducted from their balance (prepaid).

Our platform can be used by websites, mobile apps, games, and social networks worldwide. In addition to DOB, the platform offers a complete payment solution by phone using several payment methods:

  • PSMS
  • WAP
  • Wallet
  • Subscription
  • Virtual currency

AI Analytics and Machine Learning

When bundled with AI analytics platform and Machine Learning processes, Monty Mobile’s payment solution facilitates studying the customer’s behavior to increase retention and target customers with the right service or product. Based on intelligent credit scoring, our platform also offers clients with low balance, the possibility to complete a purchase, thus it increases successful sales ratio and subscription renewal, and fights churn.

Both AI and Machine Learning services can be sold separately or together with our DOB platform.


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