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Call Signature

Within the rapidly changing market we are witnessing today, free calls are greatly promoted to cater to the demand of tech savvy customers. Consequently, many mobile subscribers receive calls from unknown callers and cannot know the purpose of these calls before answering. Here it is where Call Signature emerges as a new and efficient revenue stream for mobile operators.
With this simple, yet innovative service, mobile operators reduce call rejection rates, enhance voice revenue and improve customer loyalty.


Call Signature allows mobile users to create personalized content and share it on their friends’ phone screens at the call initiation stage. It pops up in the form of a pre-call notification, either to the called or the calling party.

With Call Signature, callers can send personalized greetings, broadcast messages, notes or videos, in addition to interlinking their social media accounts with the calls. Users can also edit their message content depending on intended caller or called party.

Call Signature is also of great benefit to professionals and a useful marketing tool for SMEs and business accounts.



  • Increases call reception rate
  • Allows users to share informative messages
  • Helps receiver recognize unknown numbers
  • Introduces a more personalized user experience


  • Opt-in Service
  • Activation for Incoming or Outgoing calls
  • User Management Interfaces (USSD, SMS, Web, Mobile App)
  • Whitelists/ Blacklists
  • Sensitive Words Filtration
  • Frequency Control