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Call Lending


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Call Lending

More than ever before, subscribers now need to stay connected and look for the convenience of achieving this in our fast-paced digital world. Therefore, telecom operators need to offer proactive services for their prepaid markets in order to retain their existing customers, drive revenues and deepen customer relationships.

Call Lending services arise as many operators’ first introduction to the concept of digital lending. Monty Mobile’s Call Lending Suite – Emergency Credit, Micro Credit Lending and P2P Lending – applies Smart Credit Scoring to advance airtime to qualified subscribers. Subscribers can stay connected and continue making calls when they are unable to recharge or buy more airtime.

Emergency Credit

Emergency Credit automatically credits zero-balance customers and reduces the lost “call opportunity”. Subscribers who do not have enough credit to make a call or subscribe to a service or data bundle can automatically qualify to Emergency Credit service.

Micro Credit Lending

Micro Credit Lending allows prepaid subscribers to request for an airtime credit loan in exchange for a small fee to be deducted from their account on their next recharge. With Micro Credit Lending, customers can easily stay connected and pre-top up anytime, anywhere.

P2P Lending

P2P Lending allows on-net subscribers to publish their request for extra credits through the service application. Mobile users with credits in their account can accept the request for an additional credit reward.

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Smart Credit Scoring

Our Call Lending solution uses an AI-driven scoring technique that analyses the user spending behavior, interaction, and nuanced financial trends and determines his credit eligibility.

Our Smart Credit Scoring module combines advanced customer segmentation with deep data analytics to provide sophisticated lending algorithms and targeted, personalized offers. With this deeper insight, our solution is able to provide higher credit denominations at lower risk to more users.

Call Lending Benefits

  • Increased network service usage
  • No logistical & financial restrictions
  • Improved call completion rate
  • Advanced behavioral analysis
  • Increased ARPU
  • Positive customer experience
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and reduced churn