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Call Completion

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Call Completion

With our diverse set of Call Completion services, we make sure mobile operators maximize their potential revenues by increasing the rate of successfully connected calls.


Call Me Back

Call Me Back is a free of charge service that offers subscribers a way to make a call even when they are out of credit. An eligible prepaid subscriber has the ability to request a ‘call back’ from another subscriber whenever the former’s balance drops below a certain threshold, or if he is in the expiry period. He can also request a ‘call back’ when the called party is busy or out of reach.


Back to Coverage

Back to Coverage enables out-of-coverage subscribers, whether prepaid or postpaid, to notify their callers once they are connected to the network again. Back to Coverage enables mobile operators to increase the percentage of completed calls, and thus boost their revenues even from out-of-coverage subscribers.


Collect Call

Using Collect Call, a postpaid or prepaid mobile subscriber can send a request to another postpaid or prepaid subscriber asking him to pay for the call on his behalf. Upon the called party’s approval, the call is connected, and the called party is charged for the call.

Collect Call can be customized to support “split charging” between both parties. It also offers the subscriber the ability to define his white lists/black lists.

Collect Call increases call completion rate and ARPU. It also boosts subscriber satisfaction and acquisition.


Split Call

Split Call converts every call attempt to a revenue-generating event. With Split Call, mobile subscribers can request to split the call fees with other subscribers. The called party receives a notification that the caller is requesting him/her to pay for half of the call. Once the called party approves, the call is connected and the called party is charged for half of the call fees. Else, an SMS notification is sent to the caller informing him about his request’s status.

In case the called party is unreachable, a missed call will be placed to the called party from our Call Completion platform.

Split Call drives a vast increase in mobile operator’s revenues by boosting the number of successfully completed calls.