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Mobile Virtual Banking

Not just another bank, a better one…

Transforming Mobile Operators Into Virtual Bankers

Mobile Virtual Banking (MVB) is a refreshing, innovative solution which Monty Mobile has brought to the market, allowing Mobile Network Operators to become Virtual Bankers. MVB offers the opportunity for Operators and Banks to join forces to strengthen their balance sheets. Offering a suite of unparalleled Financial Services, Operators can drive customer engagement and make their subscribers’ lives easier. Payments, money transfers to savings accounts and loans, peer-to-peer lending crowdfunding opportunities and so much more. We help Operators' clients can now see them as far more than just a network enabler.

An innovative, flexible and customer-centric solution

Providing infrastructure and tools to build customizable solutions via APIs, our platform allows operators to offer better financial services and better deals to their customers. Our sophisticated ecosystem includes banks, telecommunication companies, utilities and payment networks as well as users and partners that are willing and able to collaborate to provide financial products and services relevant to the customer. Equipped with the latest technologies, the MVB App gives users the opportunity to manage different aspects of their financial life in a perfectly secure way.

M-Analytics and M-Scoring – Powered by Machine Learning technology

Using M-Analytics – our Big Data analytics tool – MVB extracts customer profiles from mobile operators’ data sources, all within the stringent framework of GDPR’s rules and regulations.

Deep Insights

• Factors impacting borrowers’ creditworthiness

• Red flags

• Impact of credit policy changes on approval rates and nonperforming loans

Actionable Recommendations

• Approve or reject any given loan

• Risk-based pricing of loans

• Set credit limits on the basis of risk & pricing power

Tremendous Customizability

• Capture patterns unique to each lender & leverage them

• Ability to customize the solutions based on geography demographics & market landscape

Ability to Optimize Custom Metrics

• Optimize for metrics such as net interest income and nonperforming loans

• Optimize credit policy on cost of capital & interest spread to achieve business goals


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