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Marketing Suite

As the media industry moves towards digitalization and data-driven advertising, reaching out to a targeted audience requires the integration of both digital and analytical solutions. Data is the main indicator to deliver the right content to the right people, at the right time and on the right platform.

Customers today have the ability to access multiple channels at once (mobile phones, social media, blogs, websites, emails…), regardless of their geographic location, turning multi-channel marketing platform a real necessity for B2C marketers today.

Monty Mobile’s Marketing Suite is an “all in one” marketing solution designed for enterprises to manage their marketing campaigns effectively and in real time, using a single omni-channel platform. Since understanding a client’s needs helps companies in delivering satisfaction and lowering churn, our Marketing Suite utilizes various communication channels that analyze and share data between them to help widen a campaign’s reach significantly.

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Communication Channels

  • SMS/Two-way SMS
  • IVR
  • USSD
  • OBD
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Email
  • Web

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Marketing Suite Features

Marketers can communicate with their target audience across multiple channels without losing track of their campaigns:

  • Data Collection
    • Centralized user data
    • Cross-channel customer service
    • Big Data collection
  • Flexibility
    • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
    • Trigger event-based campaigns
    • Schedule or amend campaigns at any time
    • Export results to various formats
    • Communicate in different assigned languages
  • Intelligent Platform
    • Understand the buyer’s journey
    • Analyze client feedback and interaction
    • Enable customer segmentation
    • Launch targeted and personalized campaigns
  • Reporting Tools
    • Record campaign details and forecast campaign benchmark
    • Save campaign's life cycle and applied changes
    • Define offer targets, eligibility rules and policies
    • Present results in dashboard format
    • Built-in statistics and commercial reports