Multi IMSI

As the world transforms into a global village, mobile operators need to satisfy the rising demands of subscribers who want to use their home plans while roaming without having to worry about the Bill Shock.

MULTI IMSI is a revolutionary outbound roaming solution that grants mobile operators the ability to overcome the limitations and costs of bilateral roaming agreements and to offer their subscribers up to 90% Roaming Tariff Reduction, without having to change their SIM each time they travel.

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How does it work?

When a subscriber having MULTI IMSI SIM card turns on his mobile phone abroad, our Multi IMSI system automatically looks for the IMSI having the lowest rate for this destination and latch him to the appropriate network. The subscriber can then roam globally at local rates.

Customers will enjoy the widest roaming network in the world with more than 600 global operators with reduced data, voice and SMS tariffs.

Who is involved?

Sponsor Operators: provide IMSI ranges for Monty Mobile. The diversity of the Sponsors, in addition to their roaming partners, will ensure the global coverage of the roaming service, in addition to competitive low IOTs.

Client Operators: benefit from the IMSIs provided by the Sponsors and provide them to their subscribers allowing them to roam freely while keeping their own SIM Cards.

Sponsor Operators

Client Operators

What is the added value of MULTI IMSI?

  • Benefit from an increase in roaming traffic
  • Increase revenue
  • Activate silent roamers
  • Immediate outbound roaming access
  • Increase roaming profits
  • Increase customer base and maintain subscribers’ loyalty while roaming
  • Roam with reduced rates for Voice, SMS and data
  • Single handset with a single SIM card
  • Reachable through the home number

We want your IMSI too!

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