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Mobile Fintech Solutions, A Vision To Innovate!

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Monty Finance

As part of Monty Mobile’s vision to innovate and always be at the heart of the mobile evolution, we are launching new Mobile Fintech solutions which currently include two services:

Micro Finance

Offers the unbanked and low-income subscribers advanced micro payments based on our state-of-the-art financial platform, which generates a credible credit scoring for the subscribers and offers them loans accordingly.

Airtime Credit Loan

Allows prepaid subscribers to request for airtime on credit at any time of the day, mainly when they run out of credit, in exchange for a small fee to be deducted from their account on the next recharge.

  • Airtime Credit Loan, Benefits for Operators

    • Boost ARPU
    • Avoid revenue losses by monetizing the period when customers are out of credit
    • Reduce churn and increase Customer Satisfaction
    • No setup fees
  • Airtime Credit Loan, Benefits for Subscribers

    • Convenience and ability to make calls even when out of credit
    • Always stay connected