Enterprise SMS Platform

Secure The Highest Level of Reach, Safety, and Delivery

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Enterprise SMS Platform

Your Complete SMS Business Solution System

Our Enterprise SMS Platform allows you to begin your own worldwide SMS business and supports you all the way. It routes and manages the SMS traffic controlled by a Business Solution System and offers a unified billing platform for SMS interconnected services.

  SMS Gateway

Is a platform that enables connectivity between SMS aggregators and/or enterprises to globally terminate incoming and outgoing SMS traffic.


Billing Platform - An advanced set of modules that allows you to route, control and monitor your SMS traffic, generate invoices and track the billing status of your accounts.

  Bulk SMS

Send thousands of bulk SMS in one click, and monitor the status of your campaigns via our user-friendly web SMS portal.


Routes Fast

Routes SMS traffic fast, easily and efficiently


On-time Alerts

Sends on-time alerts, notifications and detailed reports



Supports Business Management Automation



Provides accurate Billing, Accounting and Pricing


Live Monitoring

Allows live monitoring of SMS Traffic

It is a complete business solution composed of three major components to secure the highest level of reach, safety, and delivery: