Data Suite

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Data Suite

Mobile data has become an indispensable requirement in our daily life, enabling us to access information, browse or surf the web, read and send emails, check social media, download or upload files, complete banking transactions, and much more.

The key value of mobile data is convenience! With this ever-increasing demand for mobile data packages, Monty Mobile has put together its all-inclusive Data Suite that offers a unique opportunity to monetize out-of-data subscribers.

Our Data Suite grants Mobile Operators the chance of keeping their subscribers digitally connected, even when they run out of data credits. The suite comprises of


Data Lending

Data Lending enables subscribers to request and receive a Data Loan to stay digitally connected. Subscribers who are short on data can get a boost of MBs based on their needs.

The service uses our Data Analytics Platform (M-Analytics) to build a more informed view of the users’ spending behavior and financial trends. It applies SMART CREDIT SORING that profiles and scores customers in order to advance the right amount of data credit each user qualifies for, as well as personalized offers, with no financial risks to the operator.


Data Transfer

Someone's low on data? He can still be back online!

With Data Transfer, subscribers can transfer data credits to each other from their current data plans, through SMS, USSD or Mobile App. It’s easy and fast!


Data Gifting

As mobile data is now an essential part of our daily lives, a mobile data gift is now really appreciated! Data Gifting allows a subscriber to purchase a data bundle and send it to another subscriber as a “gift”. Once it's done, we'll tell the receiver of the data gift.

The freedom to gift mobile data enhances the mobile experience and drives data consumption, while increasing subscriber loyalty and satisfaction.


Data Sharing

One data plan for multiple users! Data sharing is a great way to share the collective data with family members and friends. It allows a subscriber to pool separate data plans together on one bill. A perfect service for keeping everyone happy.

Our Data Suite allows subscribers to enjoy the convenience of staying connected anytime! With no CAPEX and OPEX risks, mobile operators can:

  • Enhance product uptake
  • Optimize credit advancing criteria
  • Achieve an incremental and recurring revenue
  • Boost up customer loyalty and reduce churn