Although Wi-Fi may not be covering the entire planet just yet, you can find free Wi-Fi almost anywhere. However, let me put it down for you, it has never been free!

Most free Wi-Fi networks require registration in order to access them. This includes entering your name, age, email address and even your mobile number.  Most Wi-Fi providers generate their money back from this “free” service by selling your information to marketers. Even worse, most public Wi-Fi networks are not encrypted, meaning that it requires no authentication to establish a network connection. This in turn creates a remarkable opportunity for hackers to get access to unsecured devices on the same network. Even individuals who take all the possible public Wi-Fi security precautions will run across issues from time to time.

According to IEEE: “We have collected real data from 20 airport data sets in four countries and discovered that the privacy leakage can be up to 68%, which means two thirds of users leak their private information while accessing the Internet at airports”

This is the reason behind Monty Mobile’s Internet Billing System for public spaces. This system provides low public rates for Wi-Fi, highly secure connections and various speeds that users can choose from. The system is implemented on the same hardware with no need to change the routers used. Through a well-secured, user-friendly, and smart application, any shop owner can become an internet provider.

Yes, users will pay lower rates for public Wi-Fi access, yet they are guarantying full security of their data, decent internet speeds and most importantly a safe browsing experience. The app permits the users to choose their internet speed, payment method, and offers easy roaming connectivity to similar Wi-Fi networks.

How does it work?

The scenario is as follows, you go to your regular coffee shop:

Click on the Wi-Fi SSID.
Create a new account.
Choose your account type, pre-paid or post-paid, bundles, internet speed.

And you are all set to start using the internet.

When you go to another coffee shop, mall, hotel, airport or maybe a friend who is running the same Wi-Fi business, you will be automatically connected to their Wi-Fi network and continue using internet from your remaining balance of the same account.
This way the application will have security measures that prohibit the owner of the network to take advantage of user’s information without their permission and encrypts data.


You can access the service from any device. It also accepts credit cards and is fully secure. The entire process is automated, and considers the ability of bandwidth scalability. It can cater to individuals needing high internet speed for video streaming, or to low usage users who need simple browsing and email access services.

Hotel Wi-Fi Roaming Service

You can also integrate the system within Hotel Wi-Fis and automate billing for guests. Customers choose a username, password, and price plan (like 7 days Internet) and confirm the identity with a room number and personal details. If successful, Internet will be activated and payment is added on the provided room number. Customers will see this charge in your System Admin Portal (SAP).

You can also configure the system to provide free access (no charge), to apply complimentary plan to members or loyalty guests, or provide a list of available plans so user can choose and pay.

Get Real-time Statistics and Usage Reports

Hotspot user activity is updated each second with Real-time tracking changes in download, upload, bandwidth usage and time being deducted from the customer accounts.

Know all your hotspots statistics. Who is using it, how long, the number of logins per day, total time usage, bandwidth consumed through a Business Intelligence Tool.

It is usually difficult to secure IoT devices due to their size and the fact that they are not installed over traditional network environments but rather in public places and are mostly connected to public Wi-Fi routers.  Imagine a sneaky customer hacking into your smart IoT devices connected all-over your shop!

That is why Monty Mobile is offering a safe solution for secure browsing with profitable and scalable Wi-Fi systems everywhere.



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