What is there to know about 5G?

You have probably been hearing about the 5G technology hype surrounding the telecom world. But what is 5G exactly? And how will it affect our future?

A big technology shift is finally here! 5G networks are now offering more advanced networks, faster speeds and higher quality connections on mobile phones and other devices alike.

What other devices you may ask? Well, the big “deal” about 5G is that it will help power the big rise of IoT (Internet Of Things) by offering fast and high reliable connections with average download speeds reaching up to 1GB per second (if not more!).

Robots, Cars, Industrial machines and many others devices will all rely on 5G. Indeed, this network will be the big wheel for the huge infrastructure of IoT. It will carry huge amounts of data connecting the world within a heartbeat.

Officials in the United States and China see 5G networks as a competitive edge. The faster networks could help spread the use of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.[1]

How much speed are we really talking about?

5G networks are expected to officially be fully functional by the year 2020 in most parts of the world. The answer mostly relies on your MNO, if you have full access to 5G.

Qualcomm, the wireless chip maker, said it had demonstrated peak 5G download speeds of 4.5 gigabits a second, but predicts initial median speeds of about 1.4 gigabits. That translates to roughly 20 times faster than the current 4G experience. [2]

The great benefit of it is its real time speed feature!

China has witnessed the first remote 5G medical operation according to the South China Morning Post. Doctors were able to robotically execute the surgery while being 30 miles away from the patient. The surgery was indeed possible thanks to the low latency of 5G.Car manufacturers are also benefiting from 5G as they are able to draw more data, include better remote monitoring and enabling autonomous cars. In fact, all electric cars in the future need to be connected to the web in some way, and 5G is just the technology to facilitate this.

Being able to download such big data files means as well sudden huge traffic on the web. Companies are incorporating massive computing resources and special measures to avoid any congestions.

In short, 5G will revolutionize the handling of Big Data and will significantly improve communication, caching and computing capabilities. [3]

Indeed thanks to the fast processing, 24/7 availability and huge impact on the network, 5G will take Big Data analysis to a complete other level. Huge change you might think? We agree!

Who launched 5G?

AT&T’s US Operator has already launched an early version of 5G technology in 12 US cities in December 2018. However, hotspots are only covering few neighborhoods in these cities.

Very recently, Samsung has launched its first supported S10 5G network on the 20th of February 2019 while LG & Huawei will unveil new 5G devices at MWC Barcelona on the 25th of February 2019. In addition, Huawei has already took the lead with a full range of 5g products and testing all throughout 2018.

How soon can we see the change?

Although it is true that 5G will be the big change of the future, we will not start seeing the full effect of it until full deployment across different markets and verticals. The impact and full scope of 5G will not be tangible to consumers or businesses until it is integrated into industries like: medical, automotive, agriculture, industrial, etc.

So following this plan, while we might be getting a taste of what can 5G do, we should expect full effect of 5g uses to start rolling in by year 2022. Things are sure to be confusing until MNO’s and OEM’s push to market all the devices and applications that rely totally on this high speed, real time technology upgrade.

5G has a lot of financial and technological challenges that might be more puzzling than previous networks roll outs, and some fear that the cost of implementing 5G will not be immediately met with extra revenues.

 In a nutshell, everyone in the tech and telecom world is looking forward to 5g technology. It promises to be the next “big change” and enabler in the world, and only time will show its full impact.


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