Value Added Services for Next Generation Network

Business has changed forever and now it’s all about customer experience, relationships and personalization. Mobile operators have been facing profitability squeeze since the past few years, and some of the business challenges faced can be illustrated as follows:

    1. Development of traditional services
    2. Stagnant growth due to market maturity and/or saturation
    3. Revenue decrease

There comes a point when telcos will need to generate different sources of income – and that time is now!

But how will the market play out?
And where will the VAS (Value Added Services) ultimately go? We can’t actually guarantee this!
Many MNOs have benefited from joining forces with Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers – such as Netflix– and are offering their consumer free of charge data. Others, have chosen emerging technologies such as mobile banking, smart homes, connected cars or any IoT (internet of things) related service.
Alongside the traditional VAS, Monty Mobile provides upgraded services such as M-Health, M-Government, Monty Finance, Gain & Retain, M-Safe, E-Box, etc. These services are internally developed and managed by technically skilled and specialized personnel with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Non-traditional VAS: Create a reason for consumers to choose you

  • Strengthen overall offerings with desirable solutions
  • Offer value to subscribers
  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase Customer retention
  • Gain competitive advantage

We are currently implementing Value Added Applications in Next Generation Networks based on Innovation, Quality and Speed. Our VAS solutions are open, modular and flexible, they allow great companies to create innovative customer experiences that cement relationships and define our clients’ brand value:

Integrate VAS into your offerings and turn communication into a success factor. Together, with our Value Added Services, your range of end-user services will provide a real increase in value.

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