Ring Back Tones: A great way to personalize calls!

In the race to increase customer satisfaction, Mobile Operators have deployed different VAS (Value Added Services) that have enjoyed significant success. Monty Mobile is offering Operators a large suite of VAS solutions to increase their revenues.

Among the varied VAS, mobile music solutions, and specifically ring back tones, have achieved a great uptake in many markets worldwide. A ringback tone (RBT) –  is the audible or video notification heard or seen by the calling party while waiting for their call to be answered.

What is the difference between ringtone and ringback tone?

ِA ringtone is loud and set by the user when someone calls him.
An RBT or Video RBT on the other hand is a tune or video story that the caller sets to be played by his/her respective service provider’s network to the callers before answering the call. An average person makes around 3 calls per day, so the idea behind this technology is to essentially entertain the callers while waiting for their calls to be connected.
Users can choose from a variety of RBT categories. These categories vary from favorite motion picture show scenes, 1 liners, funny stuff, awkward noises, top 10 tracks of the week etc.

RBT Benefits:

Typically, RBT is a flexible platform that offers a rich set of operator and subscriber benefits, including:

  • Complete RBT albums offered by operators via different interfaces, such as web, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response with multilingual support
  • Supported by all kinds of handsets
  • Programmed to suit the time of day, day of the week, or can be event-driven (holidays, etc). They can also be on a shuffled playlist.
  • Assignement of specific RBTs to caller group
  • RBTs have the option of self-record and upload
  • Ensure a competitive edge over other operators
  • Rapid deployment to market

MontyMobile My RBT: Entertain your callers 

My RBT platform is a complete solution that provides subscribers with a variety of fun and trendy Ringback tones.
End users will have the ability to choose a tune from the wide library provided or to upload their own personal tunes.
MY RBT can also help increase Operators revenues and customer loyalty.

Some of its main features include:

  • Flexible platform that allows subscribers to substitute traditional ring tones with customized tunes of their choice.
  • 24/7 dedicated support team.
  • A multi-CP (content provider) platform with various web-based interfaces. It is for content uploads and downloads, content previewing and publishing, as well as for administration and reporting.
  • Our platform supports multiple user interfaces where subscribers can subscribe, renew subscription, gift RBT’s, preview and select their tunes via IVR, SMS, USSD, WAP, Web or Mobile App.

A fun, easy and customized solution for subscribers and a revenue generating service for Operators. Contact Us to find out more!





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