Free 6 months eSIM trial for your Subscribers!

Monty Mobile has officially launched its very own eSIM that will enable Operators to transition smoothly into the new world of IoT.
We are offering Operators a 6 months free trial, with no set up or any monthly or hidden fees for their subscriber base.
This eSIM with exceptional features will relate to the connectivity and inter-operability requirements of IoT.

The embedded SIM is simply an evolution of the traditional SIM card. It’s re-programmable and can support multiple profiles.

How it works?

The eSim is soldered inside the mobile device that can accommodate multiple SIM Profiles – each Profile comprising of the operator and subscriber data.
The end user will set up a contract with their Operator and receive instructions on how to connect the device into Monty Mobile Remote SIM Provisioning System.

This technology holds many advantages:

  • It is User-friendly with instant activation, holistic view of customers and enhanced customer care with a simple and easy to manage platform.
  • It’s a Digital transformation: With the physical sim, subscriber should physically purchase a new sim. With eSIM technology, subscriber should log in the Operators web portal and sign up to get an activation code and activate the eSIM.
  • It saves the hassle of complicated logistics and distributions of traditional SIM Cards since it’s an immediate delivery
  • It can have several connected devices and more touch points with the customers
  • It can have several profiles from different MNO’s instead of carrying different physical SIMs
  • It will help expand beyond the existing geographical markets, as eSIM will make roaming less relevant.
  • It will open up a new revenue stream: multi-device bundling, shared plans and IoT device sales

With our eSIM Operators are guaranteed a full service that will allow an easy transition into the world of IoT accommodating to the needs of their customers and offering them an enhanced customer experience.

Contact our eSim experts today to find out more.


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Sutan PL

I want to try your embeded sim could you sen me frrebin Indonesia