We all know that effective business communication is the most crucial element that contributes to the success of this business. In fact, a business that communicates effectively with its clients has a bigger edge over its competitors striving to retain their customers through their services. And one of the best ways that has proven to retain customers’ attention in the business world is SMS!

SMS notification is a great way to engage and build loyal customers.

With almost 20 Billion text messages sent around the world every day, SMS is one of the most reliable ways of business communication with an open rate of 98% - of which 95% are read within the first 3 minutes.

Text messages not only have higher open rate than emails, they’re also the most preferred method of contact if customer and employee satisfaction is your goal.
SMS notification is a great way to engage and build loyal customers.
Life is busy, so a brief and informative SMS notifying you about an order’s status (order confirmed, order dispatched, order out for delivery, order delivered…) is noninvasive and fits perfectly into anyone’s schedule.

The reason why people consider SMS as the most convenient is that SMS keeps them engaged and updated without any extra effort and without disturbing their daily routine. Imagine you did not get any sort of order confirmation after performing a transaction and giving your hard-earned money online. You might feel cheated for a moment. SMS notification helps bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world. Receiving an SMS that quickly confirms your order gives you satisfaction equivalent to holding your purchase physically, and keeping track of its status by SMS also ensures this contentment until the order’s delivery.
Not to mention the much awaited SMS when your favorite store is On Sale or an item you’ve long waited for is released!

How Can Monty Mobile Help You Enhance your Customer Satisfaction?
Monty Mobile has developed SMS Alerts: an easy-to-use platform designed to fit all types of businesses who wish to send specific alerts, appointment reminders or any other info to their customers. SMS Alerts is an enterprise system used by professionals to create personalized SMS to be triggered based on certain events. It is an automated system developed under Java, HTML, CSS, and Windows API functions to generate messages upon an event, schedule messages at specific dates and times or trigger a message externally. It is specifically designed to meet the requests of highly secured environments and policies and is characterized by the intelligence of its data sources and modules. SMS Alerts is well tested and offers high-quality modules for sending messages in a timely and cost-efficient way.
The short, yet precise, old timer SMS still tops the chart of preferred ways of communication when it comes to Return on Investment.

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