Many operators are still oblivious to the fact that they are losing billions of dollars due to the un-detection of SMS grey routes terminating millions of OTT and other A2P messages at low or no cost. In fact one of the biggest challenges facing service providers today is the elimination of grey routes from their networks, hence the need to reduce illegally terminated messages has become crucial in order to stop their losses.

Unlike ‘spam’ which are messages unwanted by the recipient, grey route messages are legitimate communications but transmitted via a complex network of interconnecting global routes in violation of sending or receiving operators’ commercial terms. Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic has driven the rise in the bulk buying of messaging from legitimate SMS aggregators – and conversely the rise of grey routes operated by fraudulent providers.

While many are becoming aware of the threats, Operators still have a long way to go, as some studies suggest that by the year 2020 only 50% of them will have effective grey route defenses put in place.

We at Monty Solutions have developed a state of the art solution with our SMARTWALL guaranteed to eliminate all risks and double Operator’s revenue from SMS!

With a groundbreaking technology, our SS7 and SMPP SMARTWALL is able to detect, stop, alert and manage all fraud, spam and grey routes leaving operator’s networks completely secure and generating the revenue they should have been generating for years!
SMARTWALL has been designed with the operator’s needs in mind, guaranteeing the safety of their network all while allowing an increase of efficient traffic and thus generating more SMS revenue. It has the ability to take immediate action upon detection of threats or suspicious traffic on the network.

smartwall-2 With an easy Installation, full testing, technical backup 24/7 and very flexible payment terms including for the CAPEX and OPEX models, what more could you possibly ask for?

Having a properly managed next-generation firewall in place has become an imperative for MNOs to be able to block security threats, and identify legitimate traffic which can be easily monetized with the right set of tools.