Silent roamers continue to present a great opportunity for many operators as mobile Operators are constantly losing revenue whenever their subscribers travel abroad and turn off their roaming plans.

According to recent studies, the roaming market is expected to grow from $57 Billion to $90 Billion in 2018. This is largely due to the up rise of mobile data with data expected to represent more than a third of the total roaming revenues for Operators.

Indeed, the number one concern for travelers nowadays is to obtain data wherever they are without the need to overpay or to be overcharged. But the up rise of Roaming depends on many factors one of which is the reduction of roaming tariffs. This is where silent roamers come in the picture, as soliciting them to activate their roaming plans is one of the main sources of revenues that could benefit Operators.

Currently, many travelers use minimal data or voice while roaming in order to avoid bill shocks and more often they would prefer not to use the roaming plans at all.


If this silent roaming phenomena continues to grow, studies show that Mobile Operators will be severely impacted, especially for the 90$ billion expected that will contribute to over 8% of Mobile Operators revenue by 2018.

If data was once about accessing emails and reading top stories, today, data is all about social media, watching online videos, conferencing, downloading a rich report or whiling away some time on an online gaming app. With increasing speeds on data available especially on 4G and LTE Advanced, many subscribers do not pay attention to the amount of data they are consuming and thanks to lower than ever data rates, their bigger shared data plans can now cover all their data needs across all their connected devices. However these habits completely change when consumers are roaming as roaming packages are not included in their existing subscribers plan at home in addition to the extra roaming charges that are very high depending on the location and partnerships between operators.

Therefore, we can no longer ask consumers to adjust their data consumption to light usage just because they are travelling as many find roaming plans of their home operators asking them to do just that in order to avoid bill shocks. Most subscribers who use data will tend to continue watching videos, connecting to friends on social media and will be downloading and uploading rich content in the normal course of their work and personal communication which is why many of them turn to Wi-Fi available in limited places or for short term plans with their visiting country’s operators. This affects the relation between mobile operators and subscribers as it often leads to lost revenues and decreased satisfaction with the services offered.

Until we reach the cancellation of roaming charges all together in all countries, the best answer for silent roamers is currently the contextual roaming plans offered by some Operators. These plans are now able to increase revenues and to retain subscribers, protecting their domestic revenue and benefiting from their share of roaming with these silent roamers no longer so silent. Tools such as Monty Mobile’s Multi IMSI or Roaming Plus services can now allow your roamers to travel with data freely around the world without the need to be overcharged while keeping their local SIM cards and generating revenue for their Home Operators.

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