Many agree today that Over-The-Top services’ emergence has radically changed the world of telecommunications.

OTTs have invaded the operator’s market share especially in matters of SMS. It all started in 2012 when applications such as Whatsapp started spreading and taking the place of SMS for daily communication between subscribers. Most OTTs used operators’ networks without any direct communication or benefit for the latter, which made matters even harder for operators to keep up with this new emerging trend causing them to lose one of their major sources of revenues. This OTT domination comes from the fact that users can freely send an unlimited number of messages without any payment or benefit for the operator.

One of the factors that also pushed the emergence of OTTs is the absence of needed infrastructure or complex networks. These applications are easy to install, to use and to benefit from. They are not committed to any tax payment or regulations in addition to not being held responsible for the quality of their services.

However, this competition between Operators and OTT turning them into foes has now been put to rest as it has been made clear that OTTs and Operators need to work hand in hand in order to succeed and keep a high rate of customer satisfaction, while both benefit from these new ways of communications.

In fact, many OTTs are now using SMS to verify or authenticate their users in addition to many Operators creating their own OTT services in order to keep up with the trend. Operators have the advantage of using their networks and lines of distribution to market their own applications and special market offers. OTTs are also in need of Data mostly provided by operators, which is why many operators around the world are now opting for data bundles and special data offers for their subscribers.

Within this context, the collaboration and new found “friendship” between OTTs and Operators is now more crucial than ever. One cannot function without the other and both need to be improving their services and data in order to serve their “high-demanding” customer who is expecting the best services and data for his everyday life needs. This growing power of OTT has certainly changed the face of the industry and has facilitated the evolution of the digital world. However many operators around the world are still struggling to monetize this source of traffic. Monty Mobile’s services are established in order to help Operators control their networks and benefit from all the traffic coming from OTTs.

With the growing success and use of OTT services, operators must act now in order to maintain their revenues. Benefit from our products and services and double your revenues today!