According to numerous studies and surveys conducted by Monty Mobile, we have come to the conclusion that the majority of Operators around the world are suffering from huge losses of potential revenue because of their lack of control and detection of grey routes messaging with a total loss between 2015 and 2020 reaching over 60 Billion Dollars if Operators don’t start acting now by protecting their networks!

Many Operators are not aware of their full potentials and are constantly loosing revenues due to fraud, spam and leakages.

Only 3% to 10% of Operators believe that they have secure networks, while over 30% of A2P Messaging not yet monetized!

The A2P SMS Market is growing day by day with estimates to reach over $50 Billion of revenue by the year 2020 if you start taking action!

Operators are often surprised with the numbers we are promising them as they are unaware of their full potential and the revenues they could be making!

With its innovative solutions, professional customer service, and a long-lasting thirst to improve, Monty Mobile has grown into a key regional player in the telecommunications business. Its years of experience in the field has gained Monty Mobile an advantage of a fully developed “know-how” structure.

Monty Mobile’s SMS Gateway Management is giving Operators the right tools to stop their leakages in addition to peace of mind as this service is installed with a sophisticated firewall able to detect all fraud and spam messaging, around the clock testing in addition to money collection, commitment and prepayment!

It is a safe system ensuring to deliver all A2P SMS Traffic while making sure that Operators are getting their full share.

Be part of this revenue and claim your rightful stakes.