With the growth and development of smartphones, operator’s networks and growth of data usage, new studies are now suggesting that worldwide mobile data traffic is set to reach 71 billion GB per month in 2022!

The numbers will vary per continent and per population, however North East Asia is set to have the highest reach at 15 Billion GB per month, North America at 9.8 Billion GB per month. Average data usage per user in Central and Eastern Europe will be 14GB per month, followed by Latin America (10GB per month), North East Asia (8.4GB) and Middle East and Africa (8.2GB). The average user in South East Asia and Oceania, and India, Nepal and Bhutan will use 9GB and 7.8GB per month respectively by the end of the decade.

Reports, predict 5G subscriptions will exceed 500 million by the end of 2022

Reports, predict 5G subscriptions will exceed 500 million by the end of 2022, with the technology then covering around 15 percent of the world’s population. Major advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, network equipment, and other technologies have rewritten the industry’s winning formula.
Operators can no longer sit within the margins of this evolution and need to tackle their customers need while preserving and growing their revenues.

With the newest software and hardware, along with digital-age management practices, mobile operators can achieve breakthrough cost savings and capital intensity while maintaining or even increasing their scale! Managing networks with next-generation technologies can cut the capital-spending and operating expenses of wireless operators. And digital technology can help them to streamline their business functions and please their customers, reducing costs and raising sales. Doing more with less is seldom easy. But leading-edge technologies help mobile operators do just that to meet the burgeoning demands on their networks. Network equipment is more sophisticated than ever, and analytics allows wireless operators to make smarter decisions about how they deploy capital and adjust their networks to maintain the quality of service.

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