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Monty Mobile is on a mission to stop Operator's leakages and double their revenues!

According to numerous studies and surveys conducted by Monty Mobile, we have come to the conclusion that the majority of Operators around the world are suffering from huge losses of potential revenue because of their lack of control and detection of grey routes messaging with a total loss between 2015 and 2020 reaching over 60 Billion Dollars if Operators don’t start acting now by protecting their networks!


Double your revenues and stop all SMS grey routes today with our SMARTWALL!

Many operators are still oblivious to the fact that they are losing billions of dollars due to the un-detection of SMS grey routes terminating millions of OTT and other A2P messages at low or no cost. In fact one of the biggest challenges facing service providers today is the elimination of grey routes from their networks, hence the need to reduce illegally terminated messages has become crucial in order to stop their losses.


Why Should You Give Your Silent Roamers a Voice?

Silent roamers continue to present a great opportunity for many operators as mobile Operators are constantly losing revenue whenever their subscribers travel abroad and turn off their roaming plans. According to recent studies, the roaming market is expected to grow from 57$ Billion to 90$ billion in 2018. This is largely due to the up rise of mobile data with data expected to represent more than a third of the total roaming revenues for Operators.

We promised you a WAS like no other, and we are very excited to welcome you all at WAS #6 hosted by Monty Mobile in Marrakech!


Are you ready for WAS #6?

WAS #6, the largest GSMA Telecom Event will take place at the Palmeraie Palace in Marrakech from the 25th till the 28th of September 2017. Located in the center of Morocco, and being the fourth largest city in the country, Marrakech is a popular stand-alone tourist destination which is why Monty Mobile chose it as the destination for hosting WAS #6 and welcoming all of the guests from around all corners of the world.