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A2P Messaging Threats

The rapid growth of technology, e-commerce industry and the vast availability of smartphones everywhere with growing access to Internet in addition to the web-enabled services and applications developed such as mobile payments, mobile banking, subscriptions, verification codes and many others have all contributed to the growth of A2P (application to peer) messages.


OTTs and Operators: It's Complicated!

Many agree today that Over-The-Top services’ emergence has radically changed the world of telecommunications. OTTs have invaded the operator’s market share especially in matters of SMS. It all started in 2012 when applications such as Whatsapp started spreading and taking the place of SMS for daily communication between subscribers.


A2P SMS: The Hidden Gem!

There are many ways that operators can fully benefit from A2P revenue without suffering any losses, but many are still unaware of the effectiveness of these tools. Firewalls and SMS Gateways are the right solution for A2P leakages, helping benefit operators from every SMS hitting their network.