Inbound Data Roaming Solution (Matrix DATA)

If you are a pioneering operator who strives to offer innovative solutions to its customer-base, then the Matrix Data technology was designed for you!

The Matrix Data solution will allow subscribers to use their data roaming service at locally-charged rates by connecting to the best-rated local network, wherever they are around the world. Customers will enjoy the widest Data roaming network in the world with more than 600 global operators at the lowest data traffic.

The concept of this solution is based on the Local Break-Out technology, with the involvement of both the home and visited networks. The visited network will be responsible of providing roamers with local data traffic at low rates, while the home network will be responsible of charging and billing.

Normally, Data Roaming traffic goes through the home country, but with the Matrix DATA, we’re proposing to route the data traffic locally, which reduces costs and improves efficiency!

Major Differentiators

  • The Matrix Data solution will allow travelling postpaid and prepaid subscribers to benefit from local data rates in their visited country.
  • The service will be available on subscribers’ SIM cards and will be activated automatically once they turn their Data Roaming function on.
  • The Matrix Data allows the use of local data traffic instead of routing back to the home country.

Major Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • The Home and Visited Operators will enjoy a simple, centralized and safe solution, that is easy to integrate at 0 cost.
  • The Home and Visited Operators will generate more revenues while reducing their operational costs and widening their roaming customer base by becoming a Preferred Roaming Partner.

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